If you’ve seen Australian Director/Producer James Wan’s box office hit film The Nun, you’ve also seen our latest stop motion project!

James was after a reenvisioning of his Atomic Monster Production company indent; from a CG monster-attacking-city romp to Stop Motion monster-attacking-city romp. This project ticked the biggest box that cold ever exist for a stop motion team.

Giant Tentacle Monsters Destroying City – TICK

Although as many effects as possible were shot in camera, we did need to complete a few elements in post. Including the fire, smoke and rocket effects(although the Rocket Man model does have it’s own LED lights built in).


Director – Norman Yeend
Producers – Craig Sinclair & Norman Yeend
CG & VFX Producer – Guy Jamieson

Stop Motion Animation – Norman Yeend
DOP – Simon Higgins
Miniatures – Warren Barnard
Compositing – Jason Morice
Previs – Andrew Silke, Dan Armour & Guy Jamieson
Gaffer – John Domeny
Sound – Max Conklin

Although we didn’t need to create any sound for the delivery of the project, Max Conklin at Pomann Sound in NYC created an amazing sound design.