is a Sydney based animation studio here to help you tell your story and reach your audience with impact and clarity.

We create content using Stop Motion, Clay Mation, 3D and 2D animation.
From simple animated explainers to series productions to social media content packages, Poke The Bear has the skills and passion to bring your stories to life.

Allens – Claymation

In 2018 Allens(an international law firm) handed out silly putty to all its employees to get them involved with the new company vision of "S...

Tech Toppers – Stop Motion

A collection of 3 animated clips created for a laptop decal product called Tech Toppers. 95% is stop motion with the last 5% being little 2D...
StopMotion AtomicMonster Title

Atomic Monster – Stop Motion

If you’ve seen Australian Director/Producer James Wan’s new box office hit film The Nun at the cinema recently, you’ve also seen our latest ...